Impressions from Zurich and Liechtenstein

Februar 5, 2012

Yesterday, I came back from a seminar about the future of Europe from the Hayek Society in Germany. Before that I was in Liechtenstein for the first time of my life to accept the Vernon Smith Prize. I have never been in such a small country and I liked it a lot. Folks I spoke to had a good opinion about the royal family and I learned nasty things about Austria and Germany. The latter forced the 35,000 citizen country to open up a financial market supervision unit. This being badly enough the costs of the new bureaucracy manned only with Austrians and Germans had to be paid by the government of Liechtenstein. The rent alone was over 200,000 Francs. The duke objected and was not willing to pay such a high amount. However, the next step of the Germans and Austrians was to buy the whole building, without communicating the price, and to give the whole budget at the end of the year to the state of Liechtenstein.

I think this is appalling! Disclaimer: THis information I got from a conversation with a Liechtensteiner. Did not do any additional research.

Now, some pictures from this lovely country in which all the villages have the right to seceded whenever they want.

Here you can download the articles of the three winners:


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