Los ultimos dias en Rosario

Juni 23, 2011

In the moment I am sitting in my plane towards London. Finally I find some time to update my blog. I am sorry for not posting so much but in the period before my trip within Argentina and Paraguay there was a lot of work and not so many interesting things happened.

Daily routine: getting up early, going to classes, drinking mate and café to survive classes, grab some food from some kind of diner, working until the night on the translation of my book and a lot of other things (German bureaucracies, flight booking for my upcoming seminars in the US, e-mails and so on).

The weekly webinars from the Students for Liberty have been a break from the normal routine.. At 11 am in the morning we listened to lectures about a variety of topics. The participants were distributed over eight different countries and four continents. We got introduced to topics about fundraising, communication with the media, organization of conferences, leadership and many more topics. The professionalism of the Students for Liberty USA, which is reflected by the tremendous success of this organization in the US, and the quality of the other members of the European executive board is fantastic and it makes me quite excited to meet all these great individuals within the next days.

Another interesting experience was my visit at the Atucha II, which is a nuclear power plant in construction. It was not only interesting to see all these technology and to wander around part of the plant where later the fuel rods will be set in. Furthermore was this governmental project a perfect example of corruption. For every worker who was working four other were standing around him doing nothing. It was incredibly. I am quite sure that the labor unions, the governmental official who were handing out the contract and the construction company are very happy about how it went. The costs are of course paid by the taxpayers.

Some days later I invited Diego and some other friends to my farewell dinner in the same place where I had my first Asado on my first night in Argentina. It was very tasty and afterwards we have seen coincidentally a strange spectacle in form of an Uruguayan dance. Take a look at the pictures. Some kind of carnival to get rid of ghosts or something like that. Looked like fun anyway.


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