Treinta y nueve dias en la Argentina: La rutina y Londres

Mai 15, 2011

After Buenos Aires and two weeks of couchsurfing I have finally a room here in Rosario. I am staying now with a part-time roommate. It is quite nice and the rent is similar to what I have paid in Erfurt. Franco and I are getting along very well and he is a great cook. Through him I even have won a coffee machine through a lottery. Do not know what to do with it so I will leave it here. I already have plenty of stuff to carry so I do need a coffee machine during my trips.

I am not doing so much in the moment. I have a lot of readings to do and long working hours. I start at 9am with four hours of Spanish classes, after that I get some food and  walk 20 minutes to my internship in Fundación Libertad. In the moment, my only task there is to translate my bachelor thesis into English. This is a very exhausting work and since I have become more knowledgeable about the topic in general I have realized that I have to change a lot of stuff.

Last weekend I have organized an asado with my roommate friends of his and friends of mine. It was quite fun and very delicious. Today we will have another one, a smaller one with my favorite kind of meat here:  costillas (ribs). Last time I have prepared the salad and people got weirded out by me for putting milk into the dressing. I am good with that and people liked it. Regarding my salad, Faldo (friend of Franco) said that he always likes to try new ethnic food. I nearly laughed my ass off.

Furthermore I am quite busy with reading. I have a reading circle for the approximately 1500 pages of required readings for the Mises University. Then I have my own reading circle for Ludwig von Mises‘ Human Action. In addition to that I have readings for the Liberty and Society seminar and weekly webinars (seminars in the web) for the Students for Liberty. The latter is something new. I got accepted for the Executive Board for the Students for Liberty Europe. The Students for Liberty is a student group in the United States. They are very successful and their focus is on academics, networking and on forming campus groups. They are very professional and we have every week required reading and discussions about topics in preparation for the European Students for Liberty retreat in London. I will fly to London for this conference around the 22th of June to meet with all the other members of the board who are from the UK, Germany, Lithuania and Belgium. I am very, very excited about that. After some days there I will fly to the States for all my internships and for visiting friends etc. For sure, I am not going to be bored in the next time.

List of differences:

  • if you drink coffee, tea or beer with friends they will only give you 3/4 full glasses and cups. I do not understand why
  • everything is totally barricaded here. You can find small kioskos which will not open the iron bar door but bring you the stuff you want to the door
  • it is sad and funny that house carriages evoke the picture in me about rich people get driven through the pedestrian zone and here it is the direct opposite…poor people using horse carriages for collecting paper out of garbage cans

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