fantastico y terrible

April 10, 2011

Since three days I am in Rosario, Argentina. So far it quite fantastic. I already have been at a seminar of the foundation I am going to take an internship in, at a baroque concert and at a birthday party. Furthermore, I had my first Spanish lessons and already have seen some nice sights of the city. Asados, the Argentinian bbq, is very delicious and so is the Mate.

The thing what is quite TERRIBLE are the freaking mosquitos. I have over 15 bites and it is itching like hell. The other thing which I did not expect is the price level. Everything has nearly as pricey as in Germany. This is quite astonishing in face of the fact that Argentinias have a gross national income of $6,575.95 per person. That is horrible but this is exactly the result of the central banks and their continious printing of money out of thin air. Diego said that price inflation is in the moment at circa 30%. This is really crazy. Offical price inflation rates differ of course.

Tonight I am going to play with some couchsurfers and my host bowling. Tomorrow I have a wine, whiskey and guitare evening. One of Diegos many friends I have already met is a famous guitar player. I am looking forward to this. The next three days I have also Spanish lessons and I am going to a language exchange evening at a local bar. On Thursday I will be for a seven or more days in Buenos Aires to  couple of conferences. After that I hope that I can stay in an Argentinian family but that is not certain yet. We will see.

Okay, I just did my Spanish homework and I am not in the mood to write more. I will keep you updated frequently anyway.

Hasta pronto!

Here you can get an impression of the style of music they were playing there. I liked it a lot:



3 Antworten to “fantastico y terrible”

  1. Jan said

    Man, I sure as hell envy you for being around the globe that much, but I certainly am glad I don’t have to deal with those freakishly aggressive insects. xD
    What was that weird Idiom (At least from a german point of view)? „When the going gets tough, the tough get going!“ I’m sure you’ll be able to endure it. =)
    Hang in there!!!

  2. Marc said

    30 % Inflation??!!!

    Gib schnell dein ganzes Geld aus, Wolf! 😉

  3. wolfsen said

    @Jan nun is es viel zu kalt hier und alles stirbt. Ich will warmes geiles Wetter :/

    Nö, ich halte schöne meine Euro die langsamer an „Wert“ verlieren =).

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