The Beginning of an Adventure

März 22, 2011

Last week, I have been in Madrid to meet with the program coordinator from a Masters program I am interested in. The program is bilingual and called „Economics of the Austrian School“. I mentioned the Austrian School in this blog a couple of times before and now I am ready to study it for one year in Madrid. Prof. Dr. Dr. Jesùs Huerta de Soto the program coordinator and a famous Austrian economist told me that I have a 100% chance to get into the program. It was very excited to see what kinds of books the masters students read in the course. All the great names which I love to read are part of the readings in the program: Ludwig von Mises, Murray N. Rothbard, Jesùs Huerta de Soto, Guido Hülsmann, Walter Block, Joe Salerno, Philipp Bagus, Friedrich A. von Hayek, Israel Kirzner and so on.

All the students are as passionat as I am about the Austrians and were discussing very intensively about topics like monopoly theory and theory of the impossibility of socialism. I felt like a child in a toy store. And I got a lot of toys. Huerta de Soto gave me approximately ten books for free and he even signed one for me. In return I was asked to sign my „book“ for him, too. That was an interesting experience for me. Another one was to get driven to the university with the Bentley of Huerta de Soto. I hope this will continue when I am going to study in Madrid for the whole time there, but I doubt it.

The program is going to start in September and topics are going to be for example: Innovation and Technology and Market Process, Market Process and Institution’s – Dynamic Efficiency, Economic Analysis of Interventionism, Finance Economics. Exchange and bank Crisis and their Effects on the Business Cycle, Economy and Environment, Economics and Evolution and so on.
It is a one year program and it will finish with a master thesis. In the moment I am interested in the incentive system for (mainstream) economist and would like to write about that, but I have much more to read and to study before I can come up with a decent master thesis topic.

Since yesterday I am not a student anymore. I got my temporary degree yesterday and I am very pleased with the final GPA of 1,3 (1,0 best -> 4,0 worst).  With this grades and the fact that I have a double major I could get into some different esteemed university but that is not what I want. Austrian Economics is the thing I want to study and there are only a handfull of programs on the whole planet to study this. Furthermore, Madrid is only one year and I could take another master if it then seems necessary.

In preparation for Spain I am going to fly to Argentina in the beginning of April. I am going to attend some intensive language Spanish courses, probably live in an Argentinian family, work in a think tank and go to the Mont Pèlerin Society regional meeting in Buenos Aires. These are exciting opportunities and I am very grateful to Diego N. Marcos, head of the economist department at Universidad del Centro Educativo Latinoamericano in Rosario. I got to know him during the seminar „Globalisation and Market Economy“ in Gummersbach and we became friends. He is helping me a lot with all these undertakings.

I will spend at least two month in Rosario and probably travel around a little bit. If I get into the Koch Summer Fellowshipprogram I am going to the USA at the beginning of June. Here you can take a look at the 10 week program: I am among the last 170 candidates (out of 1300 applications) for 80 seats and we will see how this plays out. If I do not get into the program I will fly to the USA a little bit later anyway to attend some seminars from the Foundation for Economic Education, the Ludwig von Mises Institute and the Institute for Humane Studies.

I hope I get some help from the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Argentina and Spain so that I can afford all these plans. If not I have still some financial reserves and I am more than willing to spend it on theses plans.

We will see. Keep you all posted on this website. If you have recommendations and corrections etc. for my posts  I am more than happy to get corrected. Otherwise I won’t learn how to make it better ;).

Here some more pictures from gorgeous Madrid:


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